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Un proceso de búsqueda constante en ventas de garaje y tiendas de antigüedades. Stacey, crea sus personajes durante el desarrollo de la pieza según la respuesta del proceso.

La sintonía entre tres colaboradores: el retratado, el fotógrafo y Stacey en el último paso.
Gran parte del resultado depende de cómo se va adaptando la fotografía a su transformación. Un desfile de máscaras que construyen a personajes blanco y negro en deidades o demonios participantes de un carnaval miniatura.

En esta entrevista hablamos sobre el proceso aplicado a las fotografías y sus próximos proyectos:


I began sewing on photos in 2008.  My first photograph was a passport sized portrait photograph I had picked up from a stack of photos at a yard sale. The result was a very crude response, but It was such an intimate experience with the size and the medium that I had to explore it more.  With such a short needle, the skill is then close to the body and mind or idea. The needle and thread became very accessible and adaptive, and I enjoyed the meditative rhythm.

The characters are developed throughout the work.  I respond and converse with the photograph and the character is what is left if the work survives. There are three people involved in the work, the subject, the photographer, and me.  I always try to win.  I find the photographs to be evidence of a life and a reminder of my own being.  It is a resurrection.

I am looking for the portrait.  I am looking for the prime.  Most of all I am just looking for someone who sparks my interest.

I am not sure about the final result. What do you think? They are what is left.  It is difficult to know when to stop stitching.  It is like a selfie wanting to escape.

I am currently working on producing my own photographs.  I am so quick to respond I find it more challenging to create the work from the start.  Sometimes I just put work away so I can respond and revisit it later when I have a better grasp of what it is I am trying to convey.


Agradecemos a Stacey Page esta entrevista.

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