Peter Ravn

Publicado por Jorge Rizo,

Los extravíos de la modernidad.

Con maestrías en arquitectura y diseño por parte de la Real Academia de Artes de Dinamarca, comienza su carrera incursionando en la dirección de videos experimentales para las bandas escandinavas más sonadas de pop y rock. Diseñando también sus portadas, participando en movimientos sociales con la creación de carteles y panfletos.

En los años 80 y 90 antes de comenzar a pintar, produjo su línea de moda llamada Democrats. Playeras con elementos sencillos blanco y negro. Así como estudios en piano clásico.
En el 2007 para el movimiento Skateistan colaboró pintando algunas de las patinetas proporcionadas por la ONG, aquí puedes leer nuestro artículo sobre esta asociación.

Los personajes de Ravn son el hombre prototipo que existe en la intimidad y en lo público, donde la realidad está suspendida. Un disfraz que transmite su función a su portador.
El hombre que se retuerce en su modernidad y en la constante competencia. Pisado, arrastrado y constantemente valorado. Oficinistas anónimos en el juego de las relaciones de poder. Con la esperanza de haberse perdido de manera momentánea.


The characters in my work are mostly real people whose faces and appearance I think is right for my work. Some are friends, some I meet at a concert or a party and others are total strangers, that I see in the street. Other characters can start out as a person I see in a photograph and then I change – shape them in the direction I like. I prefer to work with an anonymous man in an anonymous suit ‎and I try to avoid contemporary identity markers such as fashion, strange hair, tatoos, piercings etc. My man is everyman having a hard time finding his place in the modernity.

My work is about the basic conditions of interactions between people and the relationship between the individual and the norms of society. I am interested in the relations of power and some of my motifs show a kind of struggle between two men. This of course can be interpreted as a 1:1 situation, but sometimes you can be in doubt whether it is a struggle or it is one person helping another person or maybe the two characters are two sides of the same man having a discussion with himself. Part of him wants to move in one direction, another part wants to move in another direction or doesn’t want to move at all. I guess it’s an attempt to link inner and outer conflicts. I believe that of all the conflicts a person has during life, one of the biggest – if not the biggest – is with one self.

My inspiration comes from situations that take place around me, things I see in people’s faces, things I read in books or just think about. I then (re-)create this situation with the men I ask to model for me, make sketches or take photos, and then when I begin to paint, I change it all again. A highly unscientific method.

Music is the other road I could have travelled. I started classical piano training when I was six. Around thirteen I quit the piano lessons and began to play the guitar. This time just with chords listening to rock music. I often listen to music when I work, and usually I can remember what music I heard when I was painting a certain piece. I am very critical when it comes to music, but certain tracks I can hear again and again. So I am more into certain songs or pieces of music, than I am into a certain band or composer… If I was to say one thing common to the tracks listed as most frequently played on my i-tunes, whether they are classical or not, it would be melancholic.

Skateistan, which is a non-profit organisation that helps street kids in Afghanistan, asked me if I would paint a skateboard to be sold on auction to raise money for the children. I thought it was a really good project and it was fun to work with with the long rounded format of the skateboard. I am not much of a skater myself, but I wouldn’t mind to do other skateboards if someone asked me to do it.

Agradecemos a Peter Ravn su amable colaboración.

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